Samsung Data Migration

Easily migrate data to Samsung SSDs by cloning the entire disk/selected partitions or by handpicking the preferred files to transfer.

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Samsung Data Migration Description

Samsung Data Migration is a straightforward software application designed to help you migrate data from one disk to a Samsung SSD. It can clone the entire disk or just copy the files you want, depending on your preferences.

The tool bundles a standard and intuitive configuration set that should be easy to figure out by users, whether they have previous experience with this type of software or not.

Rapid installation and wizard-like interface

Setting up Samsung Data Migration is a fast and easy job. As for the interface, the tool is clean and elegant. Wrapped up in a wizard, it lets users go through simple steps to migrate data in no time.

How to clone the entire disk

You can get started by selecting the source disk after analyzing the occupied space and total capacity, as well as by indicating the target Samsung SSD; a disk scan and diagnosis is automatically performed. The first volume with the OS installation is included in the cloning job by default and you can add extra partitions.

Handpick files in custom cloning

Samsung Data Migration integrates a useful feature that permits users to choose the exact files they want to copy while excluding the rest. It compiles lists with popular file types such as pictures, music and movies for quick selection. However, additional ones with different formats can be easily picked.

Evaluation and conclusion

A backup job may take a long time to finish, depending on the size of files, partitions or disk, settings applied and data transfer mode (e.g. SATA, USB) but it is generally speedy. CPU and RAM consumption is reasonable. To sum it up, Samsung Data Migration provides users with an uncomplicated and fast solution to migrate data from regular disks to Samsung SSDs while making room for cloning customization.

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