Synchronize the iTunes library with your Android phone over WiFi or a USB connection in no time with the help of this straightforward utility.

  • iSyncr
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :JRT Studio LLC

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iSyncr Descriptio

iSyncr is a stripped-down and pragmatic piece of software designed to make it as easy as possible for you to synchronize your iTunes songs, albums and playlists to your Android device.

Basically, iSyncr teams up with its counterpart mobile-based counterpart, and offers you a fast way to import your music library from iTunes via USB or Wi-Fi.

Quickly synchronize your iTunes music library to your Android phone

Evidently, in order to use iSyncr you might want to make sure that iTunes is installed on your computer or at least that you have an available iTunes-specific library file. You should also know that the utility can synchronize all your iTunes podcasts.

Subsequent to its quick and uneventful installation process you are met by a simplistic and compact main window. In a few words, the main window provides you with information about the server, the Wi-Fi connection and the USB settings.

Modest looking app, but just as important as its mobile-based counterpart

The interface is not something to get all excited about, as it is designed to be as minimalist as possible. Nevertheless, the interface is quite responsive and intuitive and makes working with iSyncr feel quite natural. Especially noteworthy are the retractable menus that do a great job at both providing you with quick access to the app’s features and at providing a clutter free workspace.

This said, by now it is quite clear that you should not expect comprehensive charts that display information or a wizard to guide you through the configuration processes for that matter. In fact, most of the heavy lifting is done using the phone app which, as expected, also offers a more modern look and feel.

Makes up for not being very user-friendly with the help of its hefty documentation section

While everything might seem simple at first, setting up the connection between your Android device and the server might take a while, especially for less experienced users.

Fortunately, we should mention that the app comes with a hefty online documentation section with lots of tutorials and FAQs.

Sync your iTunes library to your Android phone in minutes

All in all, iSyncr is not what you would call an impressive app, but it does a good job at providing a stable connection between your computer and Android device. This app is responsible for the inner workings of the whole synchronization process, while the mobile app is clearly more user-orientated.

Nevertheless, both apps combined offer you a quick and straightforward way to sync your iTunes library to your Android device.

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