Analyze advanced data sets, generate plots and access multiple analysis functions by relying on this handy application that comes with multiple useful features.

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Salstat2 Description

Working in the statistics field can often be a tedious activity if you do not have adequate tools to ease your work.

Handling such content in the traditional way, by relying on calculators, pen and papers might be subjected to error, especially if there are large amounts of data that need to be analyzed. You can turn to specialized software, such as Salstat2, and simplify your work by quickly processing your information.

Simple user interface

This application comes with a minimalistic, non-intimidating layout that provides you with multiple tools for advanced data analysis.

Note that this program can be better operated if you meet medium PC knowledge requirements and are highly familiar with certain analysis terminology and concepts. Salstat2 comes with an integrated user guide but, unfortunately, it is written in Spanish, thus providing limited accessibility for users that do not have corresponding language proficiency.

Multiple analysis functions

It is possible to analyze advanced content, access various analysis functions and generate complex plots by relying on this application. You can perform complex statistics calculations on your data by accessing the dedicated functions, according to your preference.

Among the numerous features, this application supports ANOVA, random data generating, regression, condition tests, process control, descriptive statistics and correlation functions.

Additionally, you can generate graphs that allow you to view processed data in a more convenient way by displaying it under various designs. Some of them are histograms, bars, lines, areas, or scattered plots.

Handy import features

Although you can enter data by manually typing it into the corresponding fields, it is also possible to achieve the same result faster, by importing data from your computer. This application allows you to open CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX, DB, DBF or MDB files that you can extract data from.

To sum it up, Salstat2 can help you analyze large amounts of data with ease by providing you with advanced functions and allowing you to import data from other files without effort.

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