Allows you to manage and keep track of certain details about your patients and enhance the efficiency of your private practice in psychology.

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CleverPsych Description

Working as a psychologist usually requires you to remember large amounts of information regarding your patients and in the long run, this might prove to be a strenuous activity for your mind.

Relying on pen and notebooks is a traditional way to keep track of such details, but there are other alternatives that do not imply wasting paper and useful space: relying on specialized software. CleverPsych is one of the applications that can help you achieve this.

Note that in order to run this utility as intended, you need to install Java Runtime Environment first.

Complicated user interface

This application comes with a design that encompasses large amounts of sections and tabs. Although offering you a wide variety of possibilities, the numerous features might overwhelm you, especially if you are not familiar with certain technical terminology.

Each time you start the application, Windows’ command prompt utility is also launched in the background, thus allowing you to see real-time process details and errors, if they occur. You should be aware that closing the latter forces the former to quit, as well.

Handy information storage

As a private practitioner in psychology, you can rely on this program to create appointments, remember certain details about your patients, keep a medical diary and send reminders via email or SMS directly from the main window.

It is possible to generate reports that put emphasis on various details, such as clients, appointments, services and organizations. Additionally, you can load the content of a newly-generated report into a word processor, thus allowing you to edit, save, share or print it with ease.

Advanced configuration settings

However, some functions need to be thoroughly configured before they can be accessed. Some of these functions include sending SMS or email messages and defining subject lists.

In conclusion, CleverPsych can prove to be a reliable asset for private psychology practitioners, since it can help them store wide amounts of information and keep track of a large variety of details. However, medium PC skills are required to operate this application without difficulty.

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