Safety Scoreboard Standard

Improve workplace safety by displaying a simple sign that records the number of days since the last incident, with this straightforward application.

  • Safety Scoreboard Standard
  • Version :2.0.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PC Scoreboards

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Safety Scoreboard Standard Description

It is vital to ensure accidents are avoided in the workplace, but people often become careless when performing their day-to-day tasks. A safety scoreboard can help in this regard, but physical signs are often expensive and difficult to maintain.

Safety Scoreboard Standard provides you with a digital alternative that can be put to use on a regular computer and configured easily.

Fairly straightforward utility intended for multiple monitor setups

The application is made up of two modules, namely the Scoreboard and Control Screen. The former needs to be placed on your main display, while the latter is, essentially, an operator console for the administrator.

While you can certainly use this application even if only one monitor is available, it is best to keep the two modules on separate displays if you want to be able to perform modifications on the fly.

Customizable scoreboard that can be set up in no time at all

You can customize the text that is displayed in the header and footer, as well as replace it with a local image file. The colors used to display the text, background and digits can be modified based on personal preference.

The application also tracks the number of days since the last incident and the record number of “safe” days, and both of these fields can be customized or disabled by the user. Additionally, the optional date field makes it possible to display the exact date when the last accident occurred.

Moreover, a buzzer can be sounded with a simple hotkey whenever you wish to draw your workers’ attention. The audio is looped until the key is released, and you can insert any WAW file you prefer.

Simple, specialized utility that gets the job done

It goes without saying that Safety Scoreboard Standard is not a particularly complex piece of software, but it is a great application for administrators who are looking for a reliable and straightforward method of displaying a safety scoreboard at the workplace.

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