Mandelbrot Explorer

Explore Mandelbrot and Julia sets, magnify the selected areas from fractal images, apply different color schemes, and zoom into random portions of the fractal region.

  • Mandelbrot Explorer
  • Version :3.4 Build 3 Revision 106
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :James Oakley

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Mandelbrot Explorer Description

Mandelbrot Explorer is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you explore Mandelbrot and Julia sets. The utility provides several visualization features that help you analyze fractal images.

User interface

The tool reveals a clean feature lineup but you need to take some extra time in order to understand how it works as it hides plenty of configuration settings under the hood.

You can also consult a help manual in case you have questions regarding the program’s capabilities. The toolbar buttons can be customized so you can place them in the desired order.

Importing/exporting options

You are allowed to add fractal region from MXAD, MXFR or FRR file format, color scheme from MXCS, MXAD or FRC files, as well as raw data from MXRW. Fractal data can be exported to MXAD file format, while images may be saved to JPEG, GIF or PNG.

Fractal settings and color management

Mandelbrot Explorer gives you the possibility to set up advanced settings such as maximum dwell options, alter custom regions, and go to the previous or next fractal region.

What’s more, the application comes packed with a lot of color schemes that can be applied to the images, such as bright or pastel rainbow, strict monochrome, black and white, or random color scheme.

The tool lets you undo or redo your actions, edit color layers, view timing information about the currently running fractal (elapsed time, percentage, estimated time), zoom into random portions of the fractal region, and zoom out from the current fractal while saving a series of images.

Tests have shown that Mandelbrot Explorer carries out a task pretty quickly and without errors. It eats up a moderate amount of system resources while applying different color schemes.

A reliable Mandelbrot and Julia set explorer

All in all, Mandelbrot Explorer comes with the right tools for helping you magnify the selected areas from fractal images and make use of different color schemes.

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