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Perform rune readings or learn new things about runes with this application that features a stylish design and intuitive features.

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Rune Reading Store App Description

If you are interested in divinations and are a fan of the Norse Mythology, you probably heard about rune readings. Fortunately, nowadays you can perform them without having the necessary experience, through specialized software.

One of the applications that can help you perform rune divination is Rune Reading Store App.

Stylish interface

This program comes with a stylish, user-friendly interface that features a handful of interactive functions, which are both highly accessible and well-organized throughout its menus.

When you launch the application you can choose to either perform a rune reading or learn interesting facts about runes, to help you immerse yourself in the whole divination experience.

No additional configuration is required since the purpose of this application is simply helping you perform a rune-based divination as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Perform rune readings

Rune Reading Store App lets you perform rune readings in a simple manner by choosing from three different spreads: Odin’s Rune Spread, Norn Spread and Celtic Cross Spread.

After deciding on the preferred spread, you need to focus on a question and select a number of runes depending on the spread type, as encouraged by the on-screen instructions. Therefore, for Odin’s Spread you need to select a single rune, Norn Spread requires three runes and in order to perform a Celtic Cross Spread you have to choose ten rune stones.

After you select them, you are provided with the interpretation, which you can share with your friends by clicking the corresponding Share button and selecting a suitable application from the side menu.

Fun application that lets you perform rune divinations in an effortless manner

All things considered, Rune Reading Store App is a handy application that enables you to perform rune readings on your computer quickly and without effort, while also providing you with additional information about runes, if you are interested. It comes with a stylish interface, packs a handful of straightforward functions and requires no additional configuration in order to use its functions to their full potential.

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