Quickly define computer vision, separate elements from pictures, analyze images or configure robotic vision systems with this reliable tool.

  • RoboRealm
  • Version : 2.86.19
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :RoboRealm


RoboRealm Description

RoboRealm offers you a large collection of tools that you can use to create graphic adjustment algorithms. The program allows you to generate these templates in a visual environment, while previewing the effects, in real-time. All the filters and adjustments are recorded in the activity log.

Detecting shapes and movement

RoboRealm can help you create templates for shape recognition and movement detection, which you can use in building robotic vision applications.

The program offers you a large series of image processing modules, or graphic filters, that you can apply to a static or dynamic setup to detect shapes/movement.

Effective uses in application building

The purpose of the program is to translate the live video feed into significant values that trigger various reactions from a machine, based on certain parameters in the image.

For example, the algorithms can be used in applications for road detection, lane limitation, shape matching, off-road planning or pupil detection. For example, it can generate suitable algorithms for navigation programs.

It can identify objects, read scantron charts, recognize fiducial patterns, generate the vanishing point in an image or even match items by color codes.

Comprehensive collection of modules

RoboRealm lists all the filters you can use in the column on the left side, as a node structure, that you can extend to select the desired tool.

Thus, the tools in the Adjust node are designed for altering the video feed while the Analysis allows you to calculate angles, distances, intersection or detect shapes by gravity indicators. A large set of Blob filters and color identification patterns are available, as well as edge detection algorithms.

GUI and console, for an effective management

RoboRealm can translate all the effects you apply to your image to the console. You may thus view all the modules you inserted, as well as all the manual adjustments required for each of them. For instance, you might need to specify thresholds, point features or morphology parameters.

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