PC Info

Find out all about your computer’s hardware configuration with the help of this user-friendly program whose behavior you can easily tweak.

  • PC Info
  • Version : / Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CobraTek

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PC Info Description

If you really want to call yourself a responsible user, you must first and foremost know everything about your computer, starting from hardware and ending with software.

PC Info is a software solution that centralizes all the necessary data belonging to the former category in order to make users aware of their machine’s capabilities as well as how they could exploit it more efficiently.

Keeps you informed about your PC’s hardware configuration

Before anything else, it must be mentioned that the program sports a straightforward user interface that organizes information about the hardware configuration of your computer in an intelligible manner.

The application’s capabilities have an obvious informative and descriptive core purpose, with a series of sections you can switch between by clicking their names at the top of the main window. OS, CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage, Optical Devices, Motherboard, Sound Devices, Network, and Periferal should summarize everything there is to know about the physical parts you interact with when using your PC.

Gives you quick access to a multitude of controls

However, besides this rather static purpose, the software utility encompasses a “Settings” category, where you actually get to interact with the program itself. That it because it provides you with quick access to a series of application settings, useful commands, as well as services, processes, and applications.

Truth be told, there is nothing you couldn’t access on your own, simply by turning to Windows’ capabilities, but having all of these controls bundled together should definitely cut down on the time required by these tasks.

Lets you configure its own behavior as well

For instance, any of the following commands is at one click away: accessing the Recycle Bin, going to the Task Manager, exploring Control Panel, tweaking Windows Firewall, adjusting the date and time, and much more.

As for the options regarding strictly PC Info itself, they allow you to customize its behavior so that to make it as non-intrusive as possible. You can ask it to run at Windows startup, to be always on top, reset to default settings, close or minimize to systray, and others.

Handy tool favoring the informative side

On an ending note, PC Info is a reliable tool providing you with a handful of precious info about your computer’s hardware configuration, all in a clear-cut and easily accessible way. At the same time, it gives you access to a series of controls you frequently use so that to reduce the time spent on such actions.

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