Close and restart hung or frozen program instances at the press of a button my setting up a list of programs you work with thanks to this application.

  • Revitalizer
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TheFreeWindows

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Revitalizer Description

Chances are important applications crash or freeze during runtime, which can become pretty frustrating. Sure enough you can manage them through the Task Manager, but it doesn’t always deliver prompt response. Luckily, you can terminate and restart processes much faster with the help of Revitalizer.

Close and restart hung processes

It takes little time to install on your computer and it doesn’t require a system restart to function. Note that it quietly sits in the tray area during runtime, so don’t worry if nothing shows up on launch. Effort on your behalf is minimum once the program is configured, because the press of a button is enough to restart a task.

The core function of this application is to attempt to forcefully terminate a running process and restart it. This can work on most programs out there, but there are high chances of data loss, especially if the target program froze or isn’t fitted with an automatic backup feature.

Can also be used as an app launcher

Explorer is used as an example here. Bringing up the associated tray icon lets you restart configured processes, and you can also bring up the settings file to manage target items. Unfortunately, the application works with configured items, so you can’t target a program which just crashed unless taking the time to add it to the list first.

Monitored programs are managed inside an INI file. Although a little effort is required here, configuration is a walk in the park. It requires an item name and the program path. Note, however, that for the target process to get terminated and reopened you need to also provide the process name as seen in Task Manager. Otherwise selecting an item from the list simply launches an instance of it.

A few last words

Bottom line is that nearly any kind of program has the chance to freeze or hang on Windows. Luckily, Revitalizer helps you get over things a lot faster by forcefully closing the associated process and attempting to quickly launch it again. A proper configuration can also make this program a simple launcher.

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