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Unlock the full potential of your MSI graphics card and CPU, monitor FPS and hardware parameters, watch streams while you are playing and more, with this intuitive, feature-packed application.

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MSI Gaming App Description

Even though your graphics card and CPU may have been designed with gaming in mind, you probably need specialized software to take full advantage of their capabilities.

MSI Gaming App is a piece of software that can help MSI graphics card and motherboard users squeeze additional performance out of their GPU and CPU with just one or two mouse clicks. It also offers some other handy features, such as on-screen system info, color balance customization and an in-game stream viewer.

One-click performance profiles for your GPU and CPU

Your MSI graphics card is in Gaming Mode by default, but this application allows you to put it in OC Mode with a single mouse click, giving you an extra bit of performance without having to know anything about overclocking. You can also tweak your CPU, as long as you are using an MSI Gaming series motherboard.

Naturally, your video card will probably be a little louder in OC Mode, as the fans need to spin faster in order to keep the temperature down. Thankfully, a Silent Mode is also available for less-demanding operations. Additionally, you can quickly cool your GPU by enabling the Cooler Boost function.

Switch between several screen color profiles and control your graphics card’s LED lighting effects

MSI Gaming App allows you to fine-tune your monitor’s color balance and contrast for gaming, movies and reduced eye strain. Additionally, you can create a custom profile that best suits your needs.

Users who own later generation MSI graphics cards can use this application to control the MSI Dragon LED lights. It is possible to customize the lighting effects, styles and color of each LED.

Watch streams while gaming and view on-screen system info

With MSI Dragon Eye, you can watch a Twitch stream or YouTube video while playing, in a small window whose dimensions, position and transparency can be customized. However, it would have been great if it were possible to fine-tune its position.

Lastly, this program enables you to keep track of FPS and monitor various CPU and GPU stats in real-time. Of course, you can decide which of these parameters you want to view and which should be hidden.

On the whole, MSI Gaming App is a great utility for owners of MSI graphics cards and motherboards, particularly those who don’t want to go into manual overclocking. It enables you to get more performance out of your devices with very little effort, and it offers a number of other useful features as well.

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