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Using this application you can record music from various websites and automatically tag the audio files, then burn them to a disc.

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Replay Music Description

Replay Music is a handy tool designed to help you record online music and videos, providing a bunch of other extra tools to help you handle the recordings.

The interface is quite user-friendly and intuitive, so beginners should be able to figure out how to use it without even opening the comprehensive help manual that’s available online via the official website of the developer.

The main window comprises all the tools you need to start and stop a recording, but for additional configurations you have to take a look at the settings menu.

You can start and stop a recording on the go, as well as to reset settings, split the recording, edit, delete or play a track and even burn a CD using the recently created recordings.

The “Settings” menu plays a key role, not only because it allows you to pick a folder to save the recorded file, but also because it provides you with the possibility to pick the input source and set up splitting.

An important feature of Replay Music is the tagging tool that allows you to automatically tag recorded files. Replay Music scans every song and retrieves important information such as artist, song title, album and genre.

All in all, Replay Music is clearly a handy software tool for all music aficionados who wish to record songs from their online sources. And thanks to its user friendly interface, it is aimed at both rookies and more experienced users.

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