Convert various documents from your computer to searchable PDFs by turning to this handy application that is based on OCR technology.

  • Version : 1.1.14
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Orpalis

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If your job implies handling several text documents on your computer, you probably know that some of them provide you with searchable content, while others do not.

Fortunately, if you need a simple way to convert them into searchable documents, turning to third-party software solutions can be the best alternative. ORPALIS PDF OCR is one of the programs that can help you accomplish the task mentioned above easily.

Minimalistic user interface

This application features a simple design that packs a series of straightforward functions, thus proving itself to be rather accessible for a broad range of users, regardless of their computer skills.

The main window encompasses a few menus, buttons, fields and tabs that you can easily operate since their descriptions are not complicated. The configuration menu can be simply displayed by clicking the Options button.

Batch processing support

ORPALIS PDF OCR can help you process several documents at once, thus preventing you from spending time loading each item from your computer individually. You just need to specify the source folder and the destination path, so that the application can automatically detect the appropriate files and convert them accordingly.

More so, it is possible to set the number of threads to a higher value, if you want the process to be finished quicker and also choose the OCR language. Doing so is possible by choosing the desired options from the dedicated combo menus.

Simple configuration menu

If you want to tweak some of its capabilities, you can access the settings menu by clicking the Options button.

You can toggle subfolder processing enable page progression notifications and also choose your favorite input method. The options you can choose from are individual selection, folder selection and document drag and drop.

Converts documents to searchable PDF files easily

All in all, ORPALIS PDF OCR is a handy application that can help you convert documents from your computer to searchable PDFs by using OCR technology. It comes with a simple user interface, quite intuitive functions and a simple configuration menu.

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