Remote Host

You can easily send a formal request for technical assistance and establish a remote connection between two computers via the Internet.

  • Remote Host
  • Version :3.04
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Michael Baytalsky

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Remote Host Description

Remote Host is a simple to use application that allows you to easily request a remote connection from the computer of an engineer to yours. The program works with Remote Assistant, which enables and controls the connection, but the link cannot be created without a formal request generated with Remote Host.

Request help via an online connection

Remote Host can help you establish a link between two computers, especially when they do not have access to the same local network. The tool is designed to facilitate receiving technical assistance from an engineer or another user, by allowing them to control your station.

The connection implies sharing your desktop and allowing the engineer to operate your computer. Moreover, the programs, Remote Host and Remote Assistant can ensure a safe means for file transfer, a chat channel and the possibility to redirect the link. The redirection addresses can be set from Remote Assistant.

Ensure a secure connection to your desktop

Remote Host only allows you to extend an invitation for the end-user to access your desktop, but you cannot interrupt the connection. However, the engineer cannot establish the link to your computer without a formal request.

Remote Host requires that you provide the IP address of the engineer’s computer, the username and the port. You can use the default port or a custom one, but it needs to match the one used by the Remote Assistant. The assisting user can provide you with these details, for you to extend a request.

Receive professional technical assistance right to your desktop

Remote Host is a suitable option for customers who require technical assistance for software-related issues. The software pair, Remote Host and Remote Assistant are designed to create a connection between computers and grant the IT engineer access to your station. You need to have Remote Host installed to establish the link.

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