Remote Assistant

You can provide customers with remote technical assistance over the Internet, by connecting to their stations, based on help requests.

  • Remote Assistant
  • Version :3.04
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Michael Baytalsky

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Remote Assistant Description

Remote Assistant is a useful application that can help you easily connect to another PC over the Internet. The program is dedicated to users who offer technical assistance and facilitates a quick solution by allowing them to connect to their customers’ stations and identifying the problem.

Set up the remote connection

Remote Assistant can run continuously on your computer, in the background, keeping your station available for receiving assistance requests. The program works with Remote Host, which the customer must install on their computer and create a formal help request to your system. You simply need to provide them with your username and the IP address displayed Remote Assistant’s interface.

Once the connection is established, you can remotely connect to another user’s desktop, chat with them, transfer files or redirect the link. Remote Assistant can display the date and time of each session and calculate the received and sent packages. This parameter indicates the strength of the Internet-based connection.

Manage connection settings

Remote Assistant allows you to view a history of all the sessions in a separate tab, along with the IP address of the client, plus the date/time of establishing and interrupting the connection. The program can calculate the total size of the data you sent and received to/from the computer you connected to. These are details you can include on the bill or enter in the official record.

Remote Assistant enables you to set certain details regarding the quality of the desktop connection view, such as image resolution, the number of colors and the scanning rate, based on the CPU usage.

Security and IP filtering

Remote Assistant allows you to use an external service for determining the IP addresses, that you need to specify, as well as choose custom or alternative ports. The IP filtering function implies a whitelist and a blacklist, to which you can add IP addresses or IP masks. You can also specify the specific addresses for redirecting connections.

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