An application that enables you to set up recurring reminders and synchronize them with your portable devices using Google Calendar.

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RemindMyMoney Description

Outgoing payments and bills require a lot of attention at the right time, since they can cause serious headaches if you forget about them.

In order to keep close track of your income, expenditures and bill payments, you can use a specialized piece of software to set up reminders and memos.

Create reminders and choose from a wide array of categories

RemindMyMoney is one such application that allows you to create alerts and reminders regarding bills, payments and various other kind of expenditures. For each one of these reminders, you can add the total amount, the name of the receiving party and the due date, although you can also include some optional information, like a small description.

In addition, each expenditure can be placed in one of the available categories, such as bank, car or family, in order to distinguish between them more easily. If you are not satisfied with the provided options, you can also create your own category and choose from a wide selection of graphical icons to attach to it.

View detailed charts and add the reminders to Google Calendar

To keep an eye on your income and expenditures, RemindMyMoney enables you to use the data to generate linear and pie charts regarding your balance. These graphs can cover the information across entire months or years, as well as be customized to show only the categories that are of interest to you.

If you want to have access to your reminders from anywhere, you can add them directly to your Google Calendar app and stay connected through a multitude of devices, including tablets and smartphones. To enable this function, you first have to provide your login credentials by accessing the application’s settings.

Closing arguments

Overall, RemindMyMoney provides you with all the necessary tools to keep a close eye on your overdue bills and income reminders. Furthermore, the Google Calendar integration makes it even easier to stay connected to your data, using tablets and smartphones.

The user interface is split into two sections, for the incoming and completed reminders and it is intuitive enough for anyone to easily get the hang of it in almost no time at all.

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