A simple to use application designed to link technology with the power of the human mind, body and consciousness, for life improvement.

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Navitus Description

Navitus is a small application that is designed to unlock high levels of energy and thus trigger self-healing processes for the human body. The software is created to help you charge the drinking or washing water with your own energy, in order to unlock its capabilities. It features three stages of preparation.

Attention focus or mind frequencies

Navitus relies on the mind frequencies emitted by each user to charge the water with energetic purposes. The use of human mind power is used in some cultures for self-healing, improving the physical condition and performance. Navitus can help you energize the water that you drink or use in showers.

The software can guide you through three stages, two of which are preparatory levels and the third can be used for connecting the mind with the water. The User and Water Preparation stages allow you to cleanse the liquid and to focus your thoughts in order to facilitate the last stage. The first two steps take 22 seconds each, while the third lasts for 81 seconds.

Navitus nucleating

Cleansing or re-programming the water is essential, since the particles are said to carry the memory of all the places it has been through. Thus, by running the Water Preparation, Navitus can erase its charge, so it can receive a new one. All you need to do is prepare the water for drinking or for showering, then press the designated button.

The final stage is called Nucleate Navitus and can be performed once the other two are finished. It can be used to nucleate the water with the human power of intention.

Link between the mind and body

Navitus allows you to unlock energetic levels in your body and trigger self improvement processes by drinking energized water. The software features two preparation stages and a nucleating function, each with different durations. A progression bar indicates the evolution of each stage and a completion screen is displayed at the end of the process.

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