A comprehensive Reflector, IL Spy and JustDecompile plugin that offers you a set of advanced tools for managing .NET code assemblies.

  • Reflexil
  • Version :2.0
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sebastien Lebreton

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Reflexil Description

Reflexil is an advanced piece of software designed to work as a plug-in for Reflector, IL Spy and JustDecompile, all of which are comprehensive tools for managing assemblies and for .NET code disassembly.

Written in Mono, Reflexil’s main task as an assembly editor is to provide you with an efficient way to manipulate IL Code and to store the modifications on your computer’s hard drive.

With the help of Reflexil, you are able to rename, remove and add (inject) assembly references, constructors, methods, fields, events, enumerations, structures, interfaces and classes.

Since it is Mono.Cecil-based, Reflexil supports operands such as strings, instruction references, multiple instruction references, parameter or variable reference and internal generic type reference.

Furthermore, by relying on its built-in resource editor, you can easily update, import or export files, as well as to embed resources, linked resources and assembly linked resources within the .NET code.

What is more, Reflexil comes with support for SDK tools, it can remove obfuscated code.

Taking all of the above into consideration, Reflexil is a powerful and efficient piece of software that extends the functionality of Reflector, IL Spy and JustDecompile by providing specialized tools and for .NET code manipulation and C#/VB.NET code injection.

System requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Reflector

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