Perform simulations based on particles for visual effects by turning to this comprehensive utility that packs an extensive library.

  • Version:1.0.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Nvidia

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NVIDIA FleX Description

NVIDIA FleX is a particle simulation library based on GPU that was designed to help advanced computer users, such as game developers, enhance the quality of their projects by providing them with numerous relevant features.

The purpose of this development kit is to boost the capabilities of various applications, for example Autodesk Maya’s nCloth or Softimage’s Lagoa, by using GPU power. Users can test the capabilities of the libraries mentioned above by accessing the executable components inside the Bin folder of the SDK, according to their system type (Win32 folder for x86 systems and Win64 folder for x64 systems).

Usually, specialized solvers are being used for creating elements that are later combined in order to generate visual effects. On the other hand, NVIDIA FleX relies on a unified particle representation for all the types of objects available, thus making it possible to achieve new effects. For instance, it allows seamless interaction between different simulated substances.

This development kit comes with an extensive library, providing users with a large number of possibilities regarding particle simulation. Among the features that users can identify within the library, it is possible to find deformable bodies, particles, rope, gases, cloth, adhesion, phase transition, unified solvers and artist-focused tools, which can simplify implementation processes.

System requirements

  • A CUDA compute capability 3.0 or greater graphics card
  • NVIDIA driver of at least version 347.25
  • CUDA 7.0 toolkit (required for building the demo)

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