Recovery Explorer: RAID Recovery

Recover data from RAID storages, including internal systems and external NAS devices, with this powerful and user-friendly application.

  • Recovery Explorer: RAID Recovery
  • Version :6.10
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SysDevSoftware

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Recovery Explorer: RAID Recovery Description

RAID systems are normally used to store important data, making it even more vital to be able to recover files if they should be lost for various reasons.

Recovery Explorer: RAID Recovery is an application specially created for this purpose. It can be used for regular retrieval operations as well, but it is primarily meant to handle data loss events from RAID storages.

Feature-packed RAID recovery tool

The application is capable or recognizing and rebuilding numerous types of RAID configurations, such as RAID 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and JBOD, as well as RAID 50, 60 and so on. Additionally, it offers a built-in editor that allows you to create user-defined configurations.

Recovery Explorer: RAID Recovery can recognize RAID metadata on drives and supports automated RAID assembly. Additionally, it can display the contents of selected drives in hexadecimal mode.

Versatile application that supports a wide range of file systems

The program is not solely designed for recovering data from RAID-based devices. It can work with regular hard drives, external devices, disk images and virtual disks, and it supports a multitude of file systems.

Because of this, the application can prove to be useful in numerous scenarios, whether you need to recover data from RAID system or a simple disk drive.

Includes an intuitive wizard mode

Even though Recovery Explorer: RAID Recovery features a modern and intuitive UI, some users may still find it to be somewhat confusing. Thankfully, novices can switch to wizard mode and have the application guide them through the process step by step.

The recovered files can be previewed before they are saved, and the program comes with a built-in viewer for this exact purpose.

To conclude, Recovery Explorer: RAID Recovery is a powerful application that can help you recover data from RAID systems and regular storage devices. It offers an impressive array of features, as well as a streamlined, modern user interface.

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