Recovery Explorer: Professional

Retrieve lost data from a wide range of file systems, RAID configurations and more, with this powerful and intuitive recovery solution.

  • Recovery Explorer: Professional
  • Version :6.10
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SysDevSoftware

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Recovery Explorer: Professional Description

There are numerous applications you can choose from when you need to recover data, aimed at both novices and experts. Professionals usually prefer to have more advanced features at their disposal, and they can opt for software solutions designed with them in mind.

One of them is Recovery Explorer: Professional, a powerful application that enables you to salvage data from numerous types of media, from internal or external hard drives to RAID configurations.

Feature-packed program suitable for experts

While the application is fairly intuitive, as it features a modern, well-designed interface, novices are probably better off turning to a simpler alternative.

Recovery Explorer: Professional is designed to provide experts with all the tools they need to deal with a wide range of data loss scenarios, and less advanced users are likely to find the numerous available features quite confusing.

Versatile recovery solution

The application is perfectly capable of scanning regular hard drives, as well logical units organized into a RAID configuration, and it even offers multiple storage decryption methods.

Recovery Explorer: Professional also provides support for disk-on-disk technology, making it possible to open a virtual disk placed on physical storage and retrieve data without first extracting its contents.

Additionally, the program offers comprehensive storage and data analysis tools, including a write-enabled hexadecimal editor that enables you to correct file system issues.

Modern user interface that features an intuitive layout

Although it is clearly designed for advanced users, Recovery Explorer: Professional is not too difficult to use, thanks in part to its well-designed UI.

The various available tools are opened in separate tabs, making it very easy to manage multiple operations, and you can even preview your files before saving them locally.

To conclude, Recovery Explorer: Professional is a reliable software utility that can help you handle a broad range of data loss scenarios. It is packed with features, and it is very user-friendly thanks to its intuitive UI.

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