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Monitor various activity types on a target computer such as screenshots, key strokes, active applications, visited websites and clipboard.

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Real PC Spy Description

If your computer is being operated by several users, you might consider tracking their activities, so that you can keep track of who is tampering with your data.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a large selection of applications that can help you achieve quick, efficient results in the situation described above. One of them is Real PC Spy.

Easy to install

Deploying this program on the target computer can be done without significant efforts, as no additional nor complicated configuration is required on your part.

The only necessary steps are decompressing the contents of its archive, launching the executable and granting the application Administrator rights by pressing the corresponding button.

Simplistic interface

Real PC Spy comes with a plain, user-friendly interface that enables you to understand and operate its functions without significant efforts. After you launch the program, you can start monitoring activities on the computer by hitting the Play button on the top toolbar.

This application can monitor screenshots, key strokes, visited websites, used applications, log Yahoo! Messenger or Skype conversations,  view accessed documents, clipboard content or Administrator actions and also record audio content using a microphone.

Email notification support

Additionally, you can receive email notifications each time activity is recorded by adjusting a few parameters from the Delivery tab in the configuration menu. You only need to specify an email address that will receive the notifications and one that will be used to send them.

The “Log & Report” section lets you configure the details to be included in the reports. Therefore, you can choose from alpha-numeric keys, launched applications, messenger chat, clipboard data, screen snapshots and Administrator actions.

Handy system monitor with key logging capabilities and email notification support

All things considered, Real PC Spy is a reliable application that can help you track various activities on a target computer, log them and send them to an email address. It can be easily installed, comes with a plain, yet efficient user interface, packs intuitive functions and provides you with a handy configuration menu.

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