Android Tools

Create, build, emulate and sign Android applications in a jiffy with this elementary piece of software for both novices and intermediate users.

  • Android Tools
  • Version: Beta
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Field Bird

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Android Tools Description

Android Tools consists of a rather basic integrated development environment (IDE) for novice and even intermediate Android programmers and developers.

Android Tools requires any level of Android platform knowledge as well as some programming expertise. For those of you that are a bit unsure about what Android is, this piece of software is just not your cup of tea.

Based on the Linux kernel, Android is an operating system mainly designed for touchscreen devices such as mobile phones (smartphones, in general) or tablets. With a history of breakthroughs and many versions, Android is continuously developed to provide better, faster results in every aspect of its framework.

With Android Tools you can start producing your very own Android apps and submit them to the official store or just post them to various other sites of interest. The approach utilised by Android Tools is based on user-given access to resources through point and click actions. Thus, you can work with the commands you need on the files and folders of your choice.

You also get a built-in help system to keep you going whenever you feel trapped, code metrics for java files and cross-platform support. As soon as you finish your first app, Android Tools allows you to construct a key and sign it in order to make it your own, thus impossible for anyone else to take credit for it.

The bottom line is that Android Tools is not the best option in its category at this point in time, although in used to some time ago. Its lack of novelty sets an ancient tone to it, with an outdated interface and many other features that you just can’t find within its borders. Beginners, for instance can start working with it and get the basics sorted out before advancing to more potent Android IDEs.

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