Stay in touch with your friends by making voice or video calls, initiating conferences and sending SMS messages using this software solution.

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Raketu Description

Raketu is a communication software application whose purpose is to help you stay in touch with your friends via encrypted voice and video calls, conferences and SMS.

In order to make use of the program’s capabilities, you need to create an account. You can perform this action directly from the utility’s panel by providing information about the username, password, email address and nickname.

Clean looks

You are welcomed by a simple layout that reveals at-a-glance-panel with information about the online, phone and offline contacts. You may refresh the lists with a single click and perform searches in order to quickly identify a contact.

Profile management options

Raketu allows you to define your profile by entering details about the nickname, first and last name, mobile phone number, email address, caller ID, and country. In addition, you may choose between several call plans and assign an image to your avatar (e.g. JPG, GIF, PNG).

Communication tools

You can use an onscreen dialpad in order to enter phone numbers, activate phone-to-phone calls, hide your caller ID, conceal your friends’ caller ID, check out a list with current calls, send custom text messages which can be entered right in the main window, as well as view a list with recent messages and calls.

Furthermore, the tool lets you add phone contacts, show a list with blocked contacts, block or delete contacts, view information about contacts (e.g. display name, age, language, city, country, gender, email address), and check out audio and video messages.

Last but not least, you may log out of the current account, change the password, view logs, access news and weather details via feeds, as well as create instant message, voice or video call conferences.

Configuration settings

You can run the utility at Windows startup, keep instant message history, play incoming instant message sound, show popup alerts, view all contacts, automatically change status to offline if you are inactive for a custom number of minutes, send files, as well as define the action that is triggered when you double-click on a contact, namely enable chat, voice call or video call.

Bottom line

All in all, Raketu comes with a handy suite of features for helping you chat with your friends using voice and video calls, conferences and SMS. The intuitive feature pack makes it suitable for rookies and professionals alike.

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