Altova MissionKit Enterprise Edition

Take advantage of enterprise-class XML, SQL, and UML instruments for application development and database management with this comprehensive suite.

  • Altova MissionKit Enterprise Edition
  • Version : 2017 Release 3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Altova Inc.

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Altova MissionKit Enterprise Edition Description

Altova MissionKit Enterprise Suite is a professional suite aimed at providing programmers with the necessary tools for application development, modeling, and data management.

The package includes some of best pieces of software from Altova, namely XMLSpy Enterprise Edition, DiffDog Enterprise Edition, MapForce Enterprise Edition, UModel Enterprise Edition, StyleVision Enterprise Edition, DatabaseSpy Enterprise Edition, SchemaAgent and SemanticWorks.

Robust XML editing, mapping, and reporting

The enterprise-grade suite comes with support for all XML technologies and delivers a series of capabilities critical for successful XML development. It supports XML editing, mapping, and report creation, in addition to allowing devs to differentiate and merge XMLs.

The tool includes support for debugging, modeling, and transforming XML, XSD, XSLT, and HTML5, allows programmers to create XML charts, and can be integrated with major relational databases. It also offers multi-step mapping support and the option to compare and merge source files and text.

Support for multiple output formats

The integrated StyleVision Enterprise Edition tool provides developers with the option to export to multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, Word, and Authentic Forms, as well as with a robust chart and graph creator.

Programmers are provided with a comprehensive overall view of the XML infrastructure that allows them to make a more accurate idea of the relationship between various file types, including XML, XSD, and XSLT.

The benefits of UML software development

Courtesy of UModel Enterprise Edition, Altova MissionKit Enterprise Suite delivers all of the necessary tools for Java, C#, and Visual Basic .NET code creation and reverse engineering. It also simplifies the collaboration between multiple developers on the same project.

Database management is simplified with the help of DatabaseSpy. The tool can connect to multiple databases and offers content editing and comparison, as well as database design and conversion capabilities.

Complex but intuitive components

Designed mainly for professionals, Altova MissionKit Enterprise Suite includes complex tools that are meant to cover all aspects of application development and data management.

All of the tools included in the suite come with straightforward interfaces that allow inexperienced developers to learn how to take advantage of their capabilities fast.

All in all, Altova MissionKit Enterprise Suite is a comprehensive piece of software that can meet the needs of all programmers looking for app building and modeling functionality in a single place. It includes robust XML creation, editing, and reporting features, as well as powerful database management capabilities.

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