Quick MTF Light

Analyze Regions of Interest within several types of multimedia files, including PNGs and AVIs with this intuitive application that can generate output MTF graphs.

  • Quick MTF Light
  • Version :2.10 Build 4716
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :OVK Soft

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Quick MTF Light Description

Quality is an essential parameter when judging the value of an image. Although there are cases when this criterion does not bear much importance, normally users want their pictures to be of high quality. Quick MTF Light follows this train of thought and allows its users to determine the performance of a lens, by analyzing output pictures.

Analyze the quality of various multimedia source items

The program thus offers a different and more practical method of assessing the price to performance ratio of optical devices. The application can load and process common pictures, such as PNGs, JPGs, BMPs, and TIFFs. Several video formats are supported as well, such as AVIs and MP4s, however RAW graphics documents cannot be loaded.

Once a source document has been selected, the tool allows its users to issue analyses with a simple click of the mouse. Concerning the actual analysis process, no expertise whatsoever is required, as the utility automates all tasks.

Export analysis charts and tables

Upon completion, the application generates a significant amount of data, both textual and graphical. Three types of analysis charts are automatically built, including MTF or ESF and LSF performance diagrams. These items can be exported to PNG, JPG or BMP formats and TXT versions can also be generated.

As for the textual results dumped by the application, one can retrieve selected EXIF data, such as maker, model and exposure information. A notable feature is the ability to adjust various parameters, in order to better gauge the performance of the device. Besides the export options already mentioned, the utility can also generate HTML and XML documents from the results tables.

On the whole, a practical utility for gauging the performance of a recording device, based on its output images

To sum up, Quick MTF Light is a good tool for anyone who regularly works with graphical capturing devices. The program can generate MTF, ESF and LSF analysis charts that can serve as good methods of summarily assessing the performance of a given lens or camera.

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