A reliable and high-performance software utility specially designed for measuring and comparing lens and image quality factors within minutes.

  • Quick MTF CCTV
  • Version :2.10 Build 4716
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :OVK Soft

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Quick MTF CCTV Description

Quick MTF CCTV is an image quality testing program that enables you to analyze segments of the pictures based on the existing ROI. The application includes an automatic ROI detection function, which creates selections on the currently opened picture.

Easily analyze digital images

Quick MTF CCTV allows you to open several images at the same time and to quickly analyze various segments of them. The program can identify several parameters, such as MTF, ESF and LSF curves and translate the results in a text file.

The program can check the quality of digital images, allowing you to test the device’s results in several conditions and circumstances.

MTF stands for Modulation Transfer Function, also known as spatial frequency response and can offer details regarding the device’s performance.

The application can detect and render MTF, ESF/LSF parameters in separate boxes, as well as perform a comparison between the MTF value and the default distance to center in the selected segment.

View specific technical measurements

Quick MTF CCTV can also calculate peak response on the selected segments, as well as perform HTVL, VTVL, HTVL-E measurements. It allows you also edit the opened image by changing its initial size or simply modify its height.

A separate table can display details regarding the ROI, angles, noise or the measurement curves. The table is populated with data extracted from all the automatic ROI detections. Moreover, it can easily detect the EXIF data embedded in the image and thus offer you details about the camera model, exposure, F-number, ISO speed or sensor width.

Reliable tool for digital imaging analysis

Quick MTF CCTV is designed to help you test the image quality and digital device performance in the given circumstances. The program’s intuitive interface allows you to open several images and quickly switch between them or view them in parallel. The left and bottom ribbons can display the required data and MTF analysis results.

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