Attain the required quality management system with this comprehensive software solution that features an extensive array of corrective and preventive actions features.

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QMSCAPA Description

Those who are involved in quality assessment and deploy their work using CAPA (Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions) regulatory frame, might seek for a software solution for managing such undertakings. QMSCAPA was developed to provide users with a comprehensive platform for managing CAPA log files for Quality Management Systems which are based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Consistent interface that features an extensive array of quality measurement and monitoring tools

The application presents users with a clean interface that offers multiple on-screen controls in the form of colorful and attractive buttons. Furthermore, users will benefit from an accessible quick-start menu, which will allow them to access some of the most commonly used features, from a single interface.

Nevertheless, when going past the initial impressions, as soon as they enter the application’s menus, people will begin to realize its complex nature and exhaustive collection of tools and features. One will be able to add new company profiles, with details about the employees, locations, security aspects, RMA numbers, CAPA types and much more.

Generate the required CAPA logs and reports based on the characteristics of your quality management system

Users will be able to access an impressive set of predefined features that will allow them to control multiple standardized documents, training schedules, assigned human resources, etc. Monitoring and measurement devices can be entered into a structured library, with endless details about the type, brand, serial number, date purchased and many more.

The CAPA logs and reports can also be customized regarding assigned status, type, client name, complaints, authors, assigned training schedule, etc. Looking on the downside of things, its set of tools that appears to be seemingly increasing in complexity might be too cluttered and could overwhelm users as they dwell deeper and deeper into its different features.

Comprehensive application that will help those who need to generate CAPA logs in accordance with their QMS environments

This application addresses people who require a reliable and complete solution for obtaining an increased quality management system. It will allow them to generate CAPA (Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions) logs and reports and add numerous details about their company, employees, documents, training schedule, human resources, etc. Nevertheless, its complex set of features could be overwhelming for novice users, which are advised to refer to the documentation.

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