Effortlessly level up your trainers and Pokemon with the help of this efficient, modern and AI-based Pokemon Bot piece of software.

  • NecroBot
  • Version :0.8.6
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :NECROBOT Team

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NecroBot Description

Since Pokémon Go has gained so much popularity and followers in such a short period, breaking record after record, there is really no surprise that the appearance of Bot programs has followed shortly.

NecroBot is one of the most popular and efficient bot software for Pokémon Go that essentially plays the game for you, helping you level up your trainers and Pokémon with practically no amount of effort on your behalf and in the shortest possible time.

Moral ambiguity at its very best

Before we go further, we should point out that using NecroBot or any type of similar software designed to aid your progress, for that matter, is in direct contradiction with the Pokémon Go’s Terms of Service.

This said, while we do not encourage or fully support these types of programs, we admit that we can find one situation where they might be of use. An example that quickly comes to mind is that NecroBot might be a lifesaver for Pokémon trainers living in rural or more isolated areas where the creatures are very scarce.

There is no real GUI

Provided that .NET Framework 4.6 or later is present on your computer’s system, you should be able to launch the app’s installer without problems by unzipping its package and by double-clicking its executable file.

The first thing that becomes evident is the fact that the application does not come with a typical user interface but, instead, you are required to use it within a Command Prompt window.

You should not get too alarmed, since the setup process and login processes are quite straightforward, with you having to choose the language, input your official PTC or Google credentials, choose the default location, and enter the GPS coordinates where you want the bot to operate.

Advanced bot for Pokémon Go

The Bot’s AI is specially designed to bypass ‘softbans’ and to use the shortest and most efficient routes for catching Pokémon. This said, you should also know that evolving and transferring  Pokémon is also something that NecroBot supports, alongside with egg hatching, incenses, lures and lucky eggs.

Regardless of your philosophy and the reasoning behind using NecroBot, be it for making your trainer as strong as possible in the least amount of time or for increasing your chances considering that you live in an area where PokéStops and Pokémon are very far apart and scarce, you should really take the time to balance out the pros and cons of using this bot.

If you want a more accurate feedback about your bot’s activity, you can check out this specialized app named NecrobotVisualizer

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