qif2qfx Convert

Extract transaction data from QIF files and convert it to the QFX format for import into Quicken, with this small and easy-to-use app.

  • qif2qfx Convert
  • Version:10.1.05
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:MoneyThumb

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qif2qfx Convert Description

The older Quicken QIF format is still commonly used, as many financial institutions have not made the transition to QFX, the format that was designed to replace it. For this reason, a conversion utility is likely to come in handy.

qif2qfx Convert, as its name suggests, enables you to convert financial data from QIF files to the QFX format. It features a minimalistic UI and is a good choice even for novices.

Java-based app that can be deployed easily

You should know that this program can only run if Java Runtime Environment is available on your PC, but this software is downloaded and installed automatically during the setup process.

Everything is pretty straightforward even after installing the application, as some helpful instructions are provided within the main window. First-time users should be able to get the hang of things fairly quickly.

Quick and easy-to-use QIF to QFX converter

Before anything else, you should access the Settings panel and enter the required FID, as well as define the account type. A helpful FID database is provided, which should make things easier.

Next, you can select the desired currency and choose the date format you wish to use. The program also allows you to add a bank routing number and Quicken account number, but these steps are optional.

Straightforward converter that sports a minimalistic UI

Importing your files is simple enough, although it is a shame that drag and drop actions are not supported. All operations are recorded in the log, which can be saved or cleared at any time.

The user interface is fairly simplistic, and it may not dazzle potential users, but novices should appreciate its clear-cut layout.

Overall, qif2qfx Convert is a handy piece of software designed to help you convert QIF files to the newer QFX format. It does its job well, and it also provides you with an extensive user manual.

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