DICOM Converter

Convert DICOM files to most common image formats, or vice-versa, with this intuitive application that allows users to edit metadata fields.

  • DICOM Converter
  • Version : 1.8.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DICOM Apps

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DICOM Converter Description

DICOM Converter is a straightforward piece of software designed to turn DICOM files (DCM and DICOM format) into JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP images.

It features batch mode and image compression – a couple of simple tasks that can be set up by users of any skill level.

The installation operation is rapid and automatically creates an entry in the Windows Explorer context menu for quickly converting files.

In matter of UI, DICOM Converter sports a familiar window with two tabs dedicated to image conversion and compression, respectively.

DICOM files can be added to the job list via the file browser, tree view or drag-and-drop support. Displayed information includes the source and output name and format, along with status for each entry.

As previously mentioned, batch processing is possible, so you can convert multiple files at once to reduce overall task time.

It is possible to point out the target format and directory (same as input or different), flip images if necessary, remove an item from the list or clear it entirely to start from scratch, as well as ask the tool to close the window when conversion finishes, and to keep it on top of other frames.

DICOM image compression can be either enabled or disabled: JPEG, J2K, JPEG-LS, RLE or deflated mode. When it comes to program settings, you can remove the DICOM Converter shell extension from Windows Explorer.

The app carries out conversion quickly while using low CPU and RAM, delivering quality images. There were no kind of issues throughout our evaluation, as DICOM Converter did no hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Nevertheless, its simple feature set does not justify the high pricing.

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