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Determine how much money you need to start and run a production business, and view accurate forecasts, with this useful application.

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Predicted Desire Description

Starting a new business is anything but simple, as it can be difficult to predict just how much funding is required and calculate the chances of success. However, you can make this job easier by relying on specialized applications.

Predicted Desire is one such program, a powerful utility that enables you to generate an accurate forecast of your company’s evolution over time based on a number of input parameters. It includes several simulation models and offers thorough documentation.

Generate financial forecasts and manage your business more efficiently

When beginning a new project, you first need to enter the desired input values for each of the available categories. You can specify which of them should be taken into consideration, as well as choose the appropriate growth model.

The application performs the necessary calculations automatically, and it displays forecasts for each month over a total of four years. The data is also presented in the form of a graph, making it much easier to analyze the evolution of various parameters.

Powerful application that offers comprehensive documentation

Tooltips are displayed when moving the mouse pointer of certain interface elements, but it is possible to disable this functionality if you find them to be unnecessary.

For more detailed explanations, you can consult the extensive user manual available on the product’s homepage.

Offers several useful simulation models

The application includes multiple specialized models suitable for various types of enterprises, such as bakeries or app development companies, as well as a general-purpose simulation designed for businesses who sell a certain number of products.

In conclusion, Predicted Desire is a reliable software solution for business owners who want to predict the evolution of their finances or those who wish to calculate startup costs. It provides you with multiple simulation models, and it comes with extensive documentation, but it features a somewhat outdated user interface.

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