With its intuitive layout and accessible options, this application can serve as a G-code generator for all your CAD projects, creating tool paths for 3D models.

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MeshCAM Description

People who are involved in CNC machining and milling and do not have extensive CAD knowledge could have difficulties in setting up CAD files for processing. MeshCAM is an application that was developed in order to offer people an accessible solution for handling CAD files and preparing them for CNC processing. It will allow them to load such files with ease, build toolpaths and save the corresponding G-code for the used CNC machinery.

Minimalist interface that offers accessible tools and an intuitive CAD file handling

The utility carries a primary interface that will not insist on the CAD editing part, but it will rather offer easy file visualization and handling. One will be able to easily load DFX files, assign a preferred geometry, scaling or slicing, only using the on-screen controls.

Furthermore, once the preferred files have been loaded, multiple buttons will provide users with the means to define stock, supports, retraction height or maximum depth for toolpaths. Drill and cap holes can also be set up in just a few clicks, this way users being able to prepare their 2D/3D files for CNC machining in no time.

Easily build toolpaths and generate G-codes for CNC machinery, with this straightforward utility

Once they have inputted their preferred CAD files, users will be able to perform the required adjustments and then save the job type for the CNC machine. Three main job types can be easily selected: 3 Axis, 2-Side Machining or 4 Axis.

Since it offers an intuitive handling and requires almost no CAD knowledge, MeshCAM ensures that people can prepare their files for CNC milling with ease. Furthermore, for those who do not have CAD programs installed on their systems, the utility can even convert JPG, BMP or PNG files to 3D surfaces for direct machining.

Valuable piece of software for those who need to prepare CAD files for CNC processing

This application addresses users who require an accessible and easy-to-use application for loading, handling and preparing CAD 2D/3D files for CNC machinery. It will offer them an intuitive handling and straightforward controls for defining the necessary geometry and tolerance parameters. Thanks to its accessible interface, it will enable people to set up their CAD files for processing in just a few simple steps, even if they only have images of their different parts.

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