Monitor all processes running on your system, terminate the ones you no longer need, and start new ones with the help of this application.

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PrcInfo Description

If Windows’ Task Manager does not meet your expectations, and you need a third-party program to get an overview of the processes running in the system, turning to PrcInfo might bring you a couple of surprises.

The application comes with a rich feature set letting you know everything about your running software, their attributes, dependencies, and much more.

Can keep an eye on currently running processes

First things first, users should not be worried about the setup process since the program raises no difficulties on this front. Equally approachable is the GUI, which lists all the running processes in the main window along with details such as path, parent process, threads count, process priority, thread base priority, references, and state.

As for the “View” menu, it should be mentioned that it lets you choose what sort of information is visible. You can thus enable or disable details about modules and threads, hide or reveal the toolbar, status bar, and customize bar.

Can terminate processes or start new ones

Aside from that, the application is capable of providing you with information about the dependencies any or your currently running programs may come with, and file properties associated with any of the listed processes can also be accessed.

Refreshing the list of processes can be done by resorting to the “File” menu, which also lets you terminate any of the entries in case you cannot find the dedicated button in the toolbar. Needless to say, starting new processes is possible as well, and changing task priority should raise no difficulty either.

User-friendly process monitor

All in all, PrcInfo is a useful piece of software you can turn to whenever you want to monitor the processing currently running on your system. Aside from the informative purpose of an app of its kind, PrcInfo is also capable of carrying out tasks such as killing a process or starting a new one as well as prioritizing tasks.

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