AutoClicker Professional

Simulates single or double, right, middle or left clicks right where your mouse cursor is or at a user defined location, anywhere on the desktop.

  • AutoClicker Professional
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  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Federica Domani

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AutoClicker Professional Description

In-game repeated clicks at a fast pace require both skill and a rested hand. That is why click simulators can come in handy to gamers who need to quickly click on the mouse buttons to achieve a goal within a game they are playing. One of the simplest tools in this category is suggestively named AutoClicker Professional.

Simulates left, right, or middle mouse clicks

The installation process is smooth and uneventful, except that the .NET Framework is installed if the host PC is not equipped with this component.

Once started, AutoClicker Professional reveals a straightforward one-window interface with a minimalistic set of options.

The application can simulate clicks of the left, the right, and the middle mouse buttons. Furthermore, it can perform single, double, and even triple clicks.

As for the click location, there are two possibilities. AutoClicker Professional can either click where the mouse cursor is, or perform all the clicks at a user-defined location on the desktop. There is no option to simulate consecutive clicks in different places.

Configure the mouse click simulation

The main window encloses a few additional settings to that allow users to configure how the simulation will take place. To be more specific, the application enables users to define the number of clicks that should be simulated, and configure the time interval between two consecutive clicks, in milliseconds.

Simulation trigger hotkeys can be configured, and they work even if AutoClicker Professional is minimized.

A mouse click simulator, not a keystroke simulator

Gamers are fond of click simulation tools, but usually, they also like having keystroke simulators around. Therefore, adding such functionality to this application would probably fancy to many.

Leaving aside this desired additional function, AutoClicker Professional comes in a lightweight package, it works as promised and can simulate repeated clicks without stopping.

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