Power Gif Optimizer

Optimize the GIF files used on your website to reduce their file size and increase web page loading speed, with this wizard-based application.

  • Power Gif Optimizer
  • Version :2.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mourad AIT SAID

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Power Gif Optimizer Description

The GIF file format has been popular on the web for many years, but these animations are slowly being replaced with HTML5 videos. This new format offers many advantages, chief among which being reduced file sizes and improved quality.

However, replacing all the GIF images being used on your website is not that simple, so you may wish to take advantage of a tool that can reduce their file sizes. Power Gif Optimizer is a wizard-based application that can process multiple images at once, and it offers several optimization methods.

Easy-to-use wizard-based utility

Power Gif Optimizer could hardly be simpler to use, as you only need to follow a series of straightforward steps to process your images.

If you want to optimize all your GIFs quickly, you can just select the local website folder and import them in no time at all.

Of course, it is also possible to load and optimize individual images. While this application is mostly aimed at website owners, users who wish to reduce the size of the GIFs they share with others can also take advantage of it.

Multiple optimization methods to choose from

Once you have added the source files, you can select any of the four available processing modes to try and reduce their sizes. Power Gif Optimizer can delete non-visible elements, eliminate unused transparent spaces, remove similar spaces between frames and rearrange the color palette.

Finally, you just need to click the Optimize button and let the application do its thing. When the operation is completed, the results are displayed, and you can view how much smaller the new files are.

However, the optimized images automatically replace the original ones, and there is no option to save them in a separate location.

Unfortunately, the program was less than impressive during our tests, as a random selection of GIF images downloaded from the web were left almost unchanged as far as file size is concerned. Of course, the additional optimization method only available to premium users may be more effective.

Handy, intuitive application for optimizing GIF files

All in all, if you need a quick and easy method of reducing the sizes of the GIF animations used on your website, Power Gif Optimizer could provide the solution. However, the program was not very effective during our tests, although premium users may see better results.

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