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Create navigation charts using advanced route features, virtual instruments and obstacles alerts using this full-featured software solution.

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Coastal Explorer Description

In spite of the popular belief, creating a navigation chart for the cruise that you might have been preparing for years is not a skill only a chosen few people possess. Providing that you are familiar with the sailing terms and you have a versatile and intuitive tool for lend you a hand, you can easily create your personal charts.

Coastal Explorer is a comprehensive utility that allows you to create and edit navigation maps, full with weather forecasts and potential obstacles warnings so that you can have a pleasant and safe trip.

Enables you to create highly detailed nautical charts

While it is not exactly quick, depending on the resources of your system, the setup is straightforward and should not give you any headaches. You should know that the application allows you to create charts, but you can always upload and get automatic updates on the USACE or NOAA charts you already have.

The program enables you to swiftly build your routes and maps by accessing the numerous functions included in the toolbar. Therefore, after you selected the preferred type of table, you can start working on your route using one of the many annotations available. You should take note that you can add numerous details to the new course, including bearing, distance, speed, TTG, layover as well as the start and end positions.

Includes weather condition forecasting

The program permits you to get weather forecasts for various locations you are going to pass through on your route. Consequentially, if you want to be cautious, you can download the latest data on the temperature, precipitation, the wind speed, humidity, air pressure along with the wave height, direction and periods.

On a side note, the utility downloads the information from the weather stations nearby, so there is a chance you are not able to obtain precise data for certain regions of the world.

A versatile chart builder for recreational and skilled navigators alike

In the eventuality that you are planning a cruise and you are not too keen on using the classic pen and paper, then Coastal Explorer can provide you with a plethora of powerful tools to create your own chart and hence, make the most of your trip.

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