Portable NoVirusThanks AutoRun.Inf Remover

Manage all auto-play files that run executables that could infect your computer seamlessly using this simple and straightforward app.

  • Portable NoVirusThanks AutoRun.Inf Remover
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  • License :Freeware
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Portable NoVirusThanks AutoRun.Inf Remover Description

Without denying that it is quite a convenient feature in Windows, autorun can cause more harm than good. Because it allows executable files to run automatically when the drive is accessed, it means that there is a chance you copy a worm or Trojan attached to the root of the drive each time you access it.

Portable NoVirusThanks AutoRun.Inf Remover is an application that can help you manage all autorun.inf files that can run harmful executables automatically and infect your computer.

Allows you to take the best course of action

It is important to note that unlike similar program in this category, the utility does not proceed to deleting autorun files without asking for your permission first. The tool displays the potentially suspicious files it detects in the main window along with a plethora of information, such as the path, drive type, date of creation, the associated executable file, its developer and the HD5 hash.

While it provides you with plenty of information so you can get an idea, it still presents you with the option to learn more about the identified items on Google or determine whether it is dangerous after scanning it on VirusTotal. Thanks to all the aforementioned features, you can be sure that the file you are about to delete is a virus, worm or something else.

Enables you to clean connected devices effortlessly

As previously mentioned, the application packs numerous features that allow you to determine if you are dealing with a worm and virus and delete it from your local drives.

At the same time, the program can help you clean external drives such as digital cameras, USB sticks, HDDs or SDDs for instance, by deleting the harmful executables associated with the autorun.inf file. It would have been useful if you could set the app to run in the background and monitor for suspicious activity permanently, especially if you are working with multiple sticks and connect various devices to your PC  on a daily basis.

An efficient tool that can help maintain your computer clean

In the eventuality that you notice your computer starts up slower than usual and you suspect an infection, then Portable NoVirusThanks AutoRun.Inf Remover might be the tool you need to confirm or inform this hypothesis.

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