Opens and plays raw video files in YUV format, displaying detailed information concerning playback quality, frame color channels and statistical data.

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plaYUVer Description

plaYUVer is a video player dedicated to raw video files in YUV format. It can open and load such files, enabling you to view detailed information about the frames and the video stream.

Integrated player for YUV files

Working with the application is easy, thanks to its user-friendly interface layout and the accessible options. More than one video can be opened simultaneously, each in a separate window.

The built-in video player features basic playback control functions, enabling you to play, pause, stop the video and navigate through frames using a simple bar. It also comes with advanced zooming and panning options that help you analyze each frame to the last pixel.

Analyze video streams and capture frame snapshots

plaYUVer displays data concerning the video stream such as its duration, the used codec and the resolution, as well as information about each frame. It can show you the color channel and generate histograms, enabling you to view statistical data regarding the number of pixels.

Furthermore, it analyzes the image and shows the peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR in short) for the loaded video.

One neat feature of plaYUVer is its capacity to take snapshots of a frame and save the resulting image to your computer in BMP, JPEG or PNg format.

A user-friendly YUV player and analysis utility

plaYUVer is a handy tool for viewing YUV files, analyzing video frames and capturing frame snapshots. It can help you assess the playback quality of the raw file with respect to another video, providing advanced zooming functions, filters and measurement tools.

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