Semi-automated Wikipedia editing tool that helps you browse throughout a list of articles, make changes, manually edit data, as well as scan Wikipedia database dumps.

  • AutoWikiBrowser
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  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :WikiBluemoose

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AutoWikiBrowser Description

AutoWikiBrowser is an advanced software application specialized in editing Wikipedia content and other wikis hosted with the MediaWiki program. It gives you the freedom to make several adjustments based on searching and replacing data, skipping pages, and adding material to the beginning or end of each page.

The comfort of using portable tools

The portable running mode empowers you to run the utility directly on your system by simply opening the EXE file. Copying it on any USB flash drive or other devices is also possible.

You may get rid of it by deleting the files that you have downloaded from the Internet. Another advantage provided by portability is that your Windows registry doesn’t get clogged up with extra entries.

User interface and account registration

The GUI may look a bit overwhelming at a first glance but this is only because it comes packed with a comprehensive set of editing and processing parameters.

In order to edit Wikipedia content, you need acquire AutoWikiBrowser registration (user account and at least 500 edits in the article namespaces) and follow certain rules of use.

Editing features

AutoWikiBrowser is able to load the first page and apply the changes. At the end of the process, it compares the differences between the original and modified versions of the page. You may accept the modifications, skip the page or manually alter data via the built-in editor.

You can make a list of pages to edit for multiple pages or categories. Several list management features are implemented for helping you keep the list sorted alphabetically, automatically remove duplicates while lists are loaded, filter data, and save the list to CSV or plain text file format.

The application creates a list of pages from single or multiple categories, ‘what links here,’ wiki links detected on a page, text file, Google search, user’s watchlist, or user’s contributions. Speech recognition and handwriting capabilities are also provided via the Microsoft Text Services Framework.

Smart tools to play with

Other handy features worth being mentioned help you work with a database scanner used for searching the Wikipedia database (you must download it first) and external processing tool that runs a program on each page on AutoWikiBrowser’s list.

You may also make a simple module using C# or VB .NET code to boost the program’s functionality, search and replace text using regular expressions, and split lists and save the pieces to individual text files.

Configuration settings

You are allowed to save the current settings to a file so you may easily import data in the future, access the login page on Wikipedia, log out from the current account, refresh the typo list, as well as enhance the overall functionality of the tool by installing various plugins.

Furthermore, the utility lets you append or remove tags, apply specific general fixes, automatically fix common typographical errors, append the current text to the bottom/top of the page, add, remove or replace categories, view the current page’s history without having to open a separate web browser, show other articles that link to the article currently being edited, check out the complete current edit summary, and reveal logs and typos for the current page.

A powerful semi-automated MediaWiki editor

To make a long story short, AutoWikiBrowser integrates a comprehensive suite of features for helping you edit Wikipedia content. The GUI is not highly intuitive so you may need extra time in order to get used to working with the tool and making the most out of its capabilities.

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