PingIt! Plus

A simple and small pinging tool that can be used in order to verify the status of an IP address or domain name, providing network detection capabilities.

  • PingIt! Plus
  • Version:4
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Alinya

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PingIt! Plus Description

PingIt! Plus is designed to provide you with a more user-friendly alternative to the ‘ping’ command in the Windows console, offering you a quick way to verify the availability of a host or IP address.

GUI vs command prompt

In comparison to the command console, PingIt! Plus offers the user a GUI that comprises all its settings within a forthright window, making it very easy to work with. It is a more convenient option for those who don’t like using the console or are not familiar with it.

Just like the ‘ping’ command, this application brings along a few more options that enable you to customize the requests you send to the target IP address. As such, you can modify the number of packets to send, change the time interval between to consecutive requests and adjust the ping timeout, which defines the time the program waits for a response before displaying a failure message.

In addition to this, PingIt! Plus enables you to set the TTL (‘Time to live’), a parameter that represents the lifetime of a data packet.

View ping results in a structured manner

All the responses are neatly displayed in an organized table, enabling you to view the corresponding IP address, along with the host status, the response time and the command time.

PingIt! Plus features network connection detection capabilities and enables you to monitor the signal strength from within its main window.

Quickly diagnose connectivity issues

If your computer is experiencing connectivity problems, a tool such as PingIt! Plus can assist you in verifying the destination IP address and viewing the time needed to receive a reply. It is a handy utility in the toolbox of any network administrator, but it can prove useful to regular users as well.

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