Checklan Alerter

Keep computers and devices connected to a local network under close watch and thoroughly manage performance counters, Windows services, printers and more.

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Checklan Alerter Description

Since computers are the sources of nearly all types of data, certain security measures need to be taken. One of the first steps is monitoring, providing necessary details about device status and activity logs. In this regard, Checklan Alerter aims to keep computers and devices connected to a network under close watch and trigger alerts or take action to prevent potentially harmful incidents.

Well-organized interface

The application’s design is kept simple so that no accommodation problems are encountered. However, this only applies to visual elements, because you might spend some time getting to know what you can work with. A side panel provides quick access to major features for administration, monitoring and reporting, while the rest of the space is taken up by specific requirement fields or documentation.

Thorough administration of Windows features

You can keep an eye on a decent amount of Windows features, either locally or remotely, the advantage being that no agent is required on the target machine. In terms of administration, the application lets you manage services, processes, sockets, printers and shares. Each requires you to specify a domain and server, along with the necessary credentials.

Stay updated with email notifications

Monitoring can be done for nearly all areas mentioned above, with the possibility to also have custom actions triggered and set alarms. These are based on scripts you need to load from the local computer and you are able to schedule them in fixed time intervals for increased efficiency.

What’s more, an integrated reporting system gives you the possibility to stay up to date with the current status of devices kept under surveillance in a few ways. Depending on the options you set and severity, you can have reports only saved to a log file, or provide an email account so that you are immediately notified when changes or potentially harmful events occur.

In conclusion

All things considered, Checklan Alerter is a trustworthy application suitable for monitoring computers and devices in businesses of any size. The only downside is the overall design, which might take up some time to get used to, especially due to the lack of any kind of help manual. Even so, if properly managed and set, you can rest assured that you are kept up to date ongoing activities on local or remote devices.

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