Photomatix Essentials RE

Helps photographers obtain the best results when images show bright windows with outside views, allowing them to process bracketed photos.

  • Photomatix Essentials RE
  • Version:1.0.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:HDRsoft

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Photomatix Essentials RE Description

Taking a photo of a real estate interior might be difficult when the light is not redirected properly, even for experienced photographers, not to mention beginners. Usually, everyone is looking to find the perfect combination of light and enough darkness and shade to be able to see the view outside through bright windows.

Designed to manage high-contrast indoor scenes, Photomatix Essentials RE can merge bracketed photos together to obtain a perfect interior image.

Combines underexposed and overexposed photos of interior scenes to obtain the perfect photo

As you can read in the guide provided by Photomatix Essentials RE, bracketed photos are images of the same scene with different exposures, which results in both underexposed and overexposed photos to capture both the shadows and the highlights in a room. The application takes a series of such photos and tries to combine them to obtain the balance you are looking for in such a scene.

Photomatix Essentials RE can work with both RAW images and bracketed JPEG images, taken with a DSLR or a compact camera in HDR. Further details are provided within the application, and it is advisable you read it all to be able to obtain the best results.

A variety of presets you can apply to get the result you want

There are several presets you can apply to the resulting photo, depending on your purpose. The natural one reveals the room as a whole, while the architecture presets allows the viewer to focus on the walls and their structure. You can also experiment with artistic, monochrome and black and white presets.

Additional settings allow you to adjust various parameters, such as the filter strength, the brightness, the contrast, the color saturation, mid tones and tone compression, the shadow level, and so on. Support for custom presets is also available.

A good option for editing high-contrast indoor images

Photography is an art, and taking the perfect photo requires both experience and high-tech tools. But when light plays tricks on you, a little retouching is needed. For high-contrast indoor pictures, you have Photomatix Essentials RE to assist you in editing your photos

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