Luminance Studio

Paint with luminance on a dark canvas using various art sets and a rich collection of brushes to bring your idea to life and show your creativity.

  • Luminance Studio
  • Version:2.07
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Pixarra

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Luminance Studio Description

Luminance differences affect the way we perceive objects in a painting or a photo, which gave birth to a painting technique used by many artists. Luminance Studio is a digital tool designed to help you put into practice the principles of luminance painting, unleashing your creativity to generate natural, astonishing designs.

A generous painting toolbox, paper textures, and layer support

Luminance Studio enables you to paint on a dark canvas and apply brush strokes to highlight different lights and colors. It features various art sets for painting and overpainting, scribbling, masking, and design, each capable of holding more brushes than you might need. Furthermore, additional brushes can be imported online or from other Pixarra Studio products, or edited by combining various layers and effects.

You can take advantage of the paper textures provided by Luminance Studio to make your creations look realistic as if you just painted on real canvas. Multi-layer support is available, and an intuitive set of manipulation tools for layers is at your disposal.

Quick access to the most important tools thanks to the well-organized interface

The work area is well-organized and provides one-click access to all the tools you need, without having to browse through the top menus. Thanks to the quick access panels, you can manage layers and colors, manage brush properties (size, density, and opacity), and explore all the art sets.

Luminance Studio also comes with a color picker, cropping, panning and rotating tools, all to streamline your workflow and help you deliver the best results without using a third-party application.

Take advantage of the luminance effects to make your paintings look really impressive

Equiluminance is used by artists to blur the outline of the objects they paint and illustrate the illusion of motion. On the other side, different luminance effects reveal the painting’s texture and allow the artist to exploit the lightness of each hue. With a bit of practice, you might be able to achieve the same in your digital paintings thanks to Luminance Studio.

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