Photo Stamper

A handy and seamlessly easy to use application that helps you quickly manage, edit or view photos, as well as place a stamp on each one.

  • Photo Stamper
  • Version :4.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Arman Laleyan

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Photo Stamper Description

Photo Stamper is a handy piece of software that allows you to add a stamp to all your photos, which can contain various information, such as image title, date, location and other metadata. Aside from this, it pretty much covers all the other features that can help you edit, preview, manage and organize images. The program requires .Net Framework installed on your computer in order to be able to function properly

Powerful tool for photo manipulation

Although the main purpose of the application is to insert stamps into your pictures, it also contains several other tools that can help you tamper with images. You can crop photos, resize or edit them, by adjusting several parameters, such as contrast, brightness, gamma, hue, saturation or RGB values.

Furthermore, you can preview and organize each picture from your collection, then rotate or flip any of them so that you can adjust their positioning.

Reliable utility that can stamp photos

Photo Stamper helps you insert free text into your pictures, along with other predefined strings, such as title, description, copyright, time and other similar information. By doing so, you are able to watermark your images and protect them from unwanted use, as well as complete them with information that can be easily read.

As a plus, the program does not overwrite original pictures when processing them, but merely saves them to another location. By doing so, it ensures that you can keep both the original and the processed image into your computer.

An overall handy image manager

To conclude, Photo Stamper exceeds the functions it was meant for, as it allows you to edit and organize your photos, aside from stamping them. Since it works only with text watermarks, adding the possibility to insert image stamps would significantly increase the flexibility and usability of the application.

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