Use this application to analyze and figure out the best possible arrangement for objects of various sizes to ensure an efficient transport strategy.

  • PackVol STANDARD
  • Version :3.5.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Antimo Angelucci

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PackVol STANDARD Description

People who work in transportation logistics and need to plan container load distribution for any given freight, could need a tool for achieving an efficient workflow. PackVol STANDARD is a utility that was developed in order to provide people a way to analyze and determine the optimal arrangement for objects of different sizes. Therefore, it will allow them to ensure an efficient load distribution and space occupancy.

Well designed interface that offers an extensive array of tools for spatial load planning

The application boasts a clean interface that offers colorful buttons and a multi-tab panel where users will be able to input the characteristics of the preferred load distribution. The main viewing area provides insight into the spatial distribution of the selected objects and one can easily toggle between the different 3D scenes.

All the tools that are required for handling the 3D objects are easy to access and people will have no trouble in manipulating the loaded data. Extensive customization for the volume load scenario is offered and users can input numerical values for all the parameters that characterize the spatial distribution of objects in the selected container.

Plan your container freight arrangement with this utility that offers impressive configuration options

PackVol STANDARD allows users to perform both a manual and an automatic distribution of the objects and they only need to provide the dimensions for the container or space they prefer. The utility will then compute the optimal distribution of the required objects, in accordance with their number and individual volumetric characteristics.

The good parts don’t stop here and PackVol STANDARD even offers one the possibility to assign different color codes, with custom hierarchy, to each object type. Therefore, the resulted 3D load layout will be easier to interpret and problematic areas much easier to identify. Despite being an advanced software package, due to its straightforward features and intuitive design, the utility will also be accessible to novices.

Ingenious application that will help users plan the perfect object distribution in any given space

This application addresses those who require a reliable and efficient tool for determining the optimum arrangement for objects in a given space. It will enable them to find out the best configuration for fitting whatever they require in a container with user-defined volumetric characteristics. Featuring intuitive tools and a friendly approach, this utility might also be approachable for inexperienced users.

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