Phoenix Project Manager

Plan construction projects, create a detailed schedule and track its progress until completion, with this comprehensive and intuitive application.

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Phoenix Project Manager Description

Phoenix Project Manager is complex application, designed to help you organize and keep track of construction projects. It allows you to create and follow a detailed schedule, while monitoring costs and displaying information in various accessible formats.

It goes without saying that this is a software solution created with specialists in mind, but it features an intuitive user interface and offers detailed documentation, making it accessible even to less experienced users.

Can display data in multiple formats

Phoenix Project Manager offers two main methods of managing and editing your schedule: a Barchart and a Network Diagram view.

When viewing data in Barchart mode, you get a very detailed representation of your schedule. The information is split into two panels. One displays the Activity List that contains detailed information about each task, its start and finish date, as well as budgeted cost. The other is an associated timescale that displays a graphical representation of the duration of various activities.

The Network Diagram view offers less detail, but allows you to get a better overall idea of your schedule.

Track resource utilization

The resource utilization graph uses a histogram, as well as a line and bar chart to display at which stages of the protect certain selected resources are used.

When you scroll through this graph, it is automatically synchronized with the timescale, allowing you to easily deduce which activities use various resources.

Generate reports and export data

Phoenix Project Manager offers numerous templates for reports that showcase various aspects and details of the project’s schedule. You have the option or organizing tasks by their activity codes and the reports are saved to HTML files.

Additionally, projects can be exported to various formats, including XML, CSV, XER and SDEF.

All in all, this is a powerful application that can help project managers create detailed schedules and track the progress and cost of construction activities. It offers numerous complex functions, but features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

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