InfoTouch Basic

Configure the access to the Internet and make sure that users do not exceed the downloads, enter restricted websites or configure the PC without authorization via this tool.

  • InfoTouch Basic
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GagaSoft Ltd

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InfoTouch Basic Description

In the eventuality that you are thinking of setting up a computer with access to the Internet in a retail store, library, school or cafe, then you are probably looking for a tool to help you configure what the users can and cannot use.

InfoTouch Basic is a handy utility that allows you to configure the computer and Internet access to a computer that where the public has access to prevent unwanted manipulation.

Comes with a rugged, yet intuitive interface

Following a quick and uneventful setup, you are welcomed by an outdated interface that you can customize to be displayed in fullscreen and that prevents users from accessing the desktop or other applications installed. Even though it may not have the prettiest appearance, operating the browser is fairly intuitive and can be managed by users of all ages and expertise.

Since it is likely that you place it in a location where users can easily access it, one thing you need to account for is crashes. You will be happy to learn that the utility comes with a Watchdog function that monitors the browser and restarts the service when and if it crashes.

Enables you to set up the restrictions and limits

The idea behind the program is to help you prevent abuses or unwanted operations from front-users who access the web from the computer you are putting at the public’s disposal. For example, you can configure the app so that users can run various programs they need directly from the browser.

Unlike InfoTouch Professional, the Basic version solely includes the web browser module, so you might not be able to display several applications in a grid view, for example. At the same time, you cannot disable the shortcut access to various system tools such as task manager, CMD, registry editor or block access to the drivers.

A handy tool for public libraries, schools and Internet cafes

All in all, if you plan to set up a computer that enables your customers to access the Internet to search for reviews for you products or other relevant data associated with your business, then InfoTouch Basic can help you set up the PC so you can avoid a lot of unwanted incidents.

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