Pet Eye Fix Guide

Effortlessly correct the red, blue, green and yellow shining effects from your shining eyes from your pet images with the help of this simple photo editor.

  • Pet Eye Fix Guide
  • Version :2.2.7
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Two Pilots

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Pet Eye Fix Guide Description

Besides the obvious esthetic reasons, flash-lit animal eyes are both evil-looking and weird. Therefore, removing the effect of light-struck eyes from your pictures with pets requires you to manually adjust them using a photo editor.

Pet Eye Fix Guide is a forthright piece of software that aims to provide you with a simple working environment and a set of easy to use tools necessary for correcting the effect of red eyes from your pictures with pets.

Not only this, but the application can actually remove shining eye effect for any color, be it red, white, green, yellow or blue.

Straightforward workflow and simple looks

In terms of looks, Pet Eye Fix Guide resembles most other basic photo editors. The app comes with a streamlined interface, with a useful toolbar and a panel that hosts its minimal set of tools.

Working with the utility is quite straightforward, partly thanks to its simple set of accessible editing tools and partly thanks to its drag and drop support.

Specialized tools for removing the red-eye effect from pictures with pets

Furthermore, the tool comes with a set of specialized tools such as Shading, Gleam, Eye Color, Pupil, Cat Pupil and Emphasis. With the help of these tools, you can remove the flash effect, add gleam, change the iris color, restore pupils to their natural look and accentuate eyes or other features.

Another advantage is the fact that Pet Eye Fix Guide comes with a useful pack of samples. With the help of these tutorials you can easily learn the basic techniques of removing the shining from your pet’s eyes.

Simple photo editor that is specialized in making your pictures with pets look better

Taking all things into consideration, Pet Eye Fix Guide is a user-friendly and straightforward photo editor that is aimed at beginner users.

The most important advantage is the fact that the application is much more approachable than other advanced photo editors that can also help you remove the red-eye effect from your pictures with pets.

Surely, the editing process is somewhat limited and it is impossible to get Photoshop-level results, but with a bit o patience and willingness, good results are possible.

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