Image Resize Guide

You can resize images with multiple tools, remove unwanted areas and the application stretches the image to preserve the original size.

  • Image Resize Guide
  • Version :2.2.8
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Two Pilots

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Image Resize Guide Description

Image editors and other processing tools are widely employed today for a variety of graphics adjustments. These can range from simple operations, such as toning down the brightness, to complex multi-layered tasks. Image Resize Guide can assist users facing problems of the former kind, by providing simple and effective rotation and cropping services.

Adjust brightness and contrast levels

The application can also remove selected objects, adjust brightness, gamma, saturation and contrast levels, or insert text in various color tones. Most commonly employed formats can be opened and edited with the tool, including JPGs, TIFs, PNGs, and BMPs.

Several quick commands for rotating the image are available, as well as for flipping it horizontally or vertically. Other operations that can be performed include resizing or cropping a picture, and one of the great features of this program is its accessibility. All the core functions are easy to perform, requiring mostly simple mouse gestures.

Remove unwanted elements from images

The customization options are not rich, but allow users a fair degree of freedom in their actions and results. However, probably the features that most stand out when running this application are the “Smart Remove”, “Smart Resize”, and “Smart Patch” functions. With these, one can effectively remove objects from the source picture.

Several modes are available for use, which largely handle the way the program fills in the missing gaps that appear once an object has been cropped out. For example, the “Smart Remove” tool fills in the missing pixels by shifting rows horizontally or vertically and stretching the image. Swapping objects in the source document can be performed with the “Smart Patch”; this tool allows one to superimpose elements, effectively removing unwanted objects from sight.

The program can perform various pictures adjustments, especially image objects cropping tasks

All things considered, Image Resize Guide is a good tool for anyone searching for a quick and basic image adjustment tool.

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